Mr Mac



In April, we had the privilege of a visit from Alistair McIntyre to our school to talk to the children about writing and the importance of studying. Alistair , affectionately known as "Mr Mac" is a former heavy machinery operator who suffered an injury and then went on to write a popular children’s book, ‘Doug the Digger’. Alistair has visited every Duffy School in the country talking about writing and the importance of studying hard at school.
Alistair set up a programme called 'Youth into Industry' to specifically assist youth who are interested in civil infrastructure and the extraction industry as professional career paths. Alistair loves to help children of all ages to step up and achieve things. He is the Patron of Special Olympics Whangarei and has been involved in the NEOC nationwide looking after the mini digger side of things and judges the competitors for their public relations skills.  and