Dear Parents, Taoroa Friends and Taoroa Community

The school would like to say a huge Thank You to Ken and Denise (uncle and aunty of Jayda and Ariyah) for the donation of the sand for our new sandpit. A special thank you to Mr Wilson for building the new sandpit lid and to Justin for shovelling in all the sand.

Another thank you to our grounds person Kaileigh Wipaki and her whanau for the wonderful job they did in laying the new mulch on the playground and gardens.  It definitely makes a difference and creates a more enjoyable playing experience for the children.

New Office Staff and Bus Coordinator

We would like to welcome Kelly Thompson who has joined our team.   You will find Kelly working in the school office most days of the week and driving one of the school vans.  

Activity Day:

Taoroa school normally holds a week long camp every two years.  The school has decided we would try something different this year and hold 5 activity days over the year instead.  In June our whole school had its first activity day. 

The junior school spent the morning at Te Manawa Museum of Art, Science and History in Palmerston North.  The junior students had lots of fun; they searched for fossils in sand using special tools.  Some of the students’ favourite activity was the water room.  The children learnt about water quality, water cycle, flooding and erosion. They also watched a short movie about the 2004 flood in Palmerston North: People being evacuated, bridges washing away and the massive slips.

The senior class went to the farmers’ market in Fielding, They enjoyed strolling around the  market asking vendors questions about their produce and where their produce was from.  The senior students were able to taste a range of food from chocolate eclairs, fudge pop (famous at the market), fresh fruit, and delicious savoury foods.  Students purchased an  array of products from sweet Danishes to lip balm. 

For lunch the seniors headed to Palmerston North to the Chinese delight called “Yum Cha”  at Tasty Restaurant.  It was an interesting experience trying strange foods like chicken feet.  Also the famous classics like pork buns, wontons (fried and steamed), duck, octopus and green tea.  The students really enjoyed their first activity day and look forward to the next one. 

 Taoroa School Activities:

Taoroa students have had a very busy Term Two participating in and learning about a number of things;

 · Matariki and the stars that make up the constellation of Matariki

·  Zero Waste and how to minimize the waste they bring to school

· Basketball skills with Sports Wanganui

 to name just a few.

 Term Two Assembly - Shared Lunch

A big thank you to all parents and family members who attended.  Our students enjoy it when their families can share in their celebrations for the term.  A special thank you must go to Duffy books for providing all our students’ new books.  These books are awesome and the students really enjoyed reading them during their own time. 

Taoroa School

The school that’s striving for excellence